Our homemade truffles feature Guittard’s Gourmet Bittersweet Dark Chocolate (72% cacao) shells and liqueur or liquor flavored ganache centers.  The ganache centers made in house are based on a European receipe and make a particularly rich, creamy center.   The flavors listed below may change with the seasons so please be sure to call to get the latest selection of flavors.

We also carry truffles made by Birnn Chocolates of Vermont, a family owned company that has been making outstanding chocolates since 1915.  Please review the table of flavors to see the current selection of milk, dark or white truffles in each flavor.  Although we carry a base selection of the truffles year round, we do have seasonal flavors/chocolate shells in this line as well.

Truffles can be purchased out of the case by the piece and boxed in our everyday white logo boxes.  If buying for yourself, this is the most cost effective choice as there is a small up-charge for the gift boxing.

We generally keep a supply of gift boxed assorted truffles at all times.  Seasonally we create a “collection” of gift boxed truffles, such as, After 5, Caramel, or Coffee.  Custom gift boxes are encouraged and can be created at a moments notice.

Homemade Flavors

$1.25 each (everyday box only)

Four piece silver gift box $ 6.75
Nine piece silver gift box $14.25
Eighteen piece silver gift box $25.75
Thirty two piece silver gift box $43.75

Homemade Flavors

Bailey’s Irish Cream Di Soronno Amaretto Kahlua
Grand Marnier Crème de Menthe Cherry Liquer
di Amore Limoncelllo Frangelico Vanilla
Chambord Marker’s Mark Bourbon Agavero Orange Tequilla

Birnn Chocolates of Vermont Flavors

Amaretto M Coffee M, D Orange M
Black Forest (cherry) D, W Hazelnut M Tiramisu M, D
Cappuccino M, D Irish Cream M, D Toasted Coconut D
Caramel M, D Key Lime D Raspberry D, W
Caramel -sea salt M, D Lemon D Rum D
Champagne D Maple M, D Vanilla M, D
Chocolate M, D Mint M

Shown: Assorted Truffles

Shown: Truffle Gift Boxes

Shown: Truffles