Our Story

Antique Sweets opened its doors on April 1, 2004 by the mom and son partnership of Patty and Patrick Alligood.  Antique Sweets’ mission has always been to provide its customers with the highest quality of confections possible at reasonable prices.  This mission has been accomplished every year of the fifteen plus years the doors of our shop have been open. 

In 2011, the shop moved from its original location on Washington Street to our current location at 127 S Main Street.  Except for the fire that occurred above us during the Christmas of 2015, we have been operating six days a week to bring everyone their favorite treats. 


During the time we were closed for the fire restoration, we took time to reflect on the first eleven years of operation.  Some changes were made to product selection and offerings to make sure we held to our core product mix.  This has allowed us to deliver quality products and gifts at the best price possible.

After reopening the store in August of 2016, Patrick decided to pursue his passion for teaching. At that point, Kristie, Patrick’s spouse, and Patty took over the day to day operation of the store.  Patrick still makes his amazing caramel, brittle and divinity with Mom filling in with the pralines, fudge and chocolate items.  At the end of 2018, Kristie decided to pursue her passion in the skin care field.  

Current Location

It is nice to still be a family owned and operated business even though the amount of the family in store on a daily basis has changed.  You can catch Patrick, Kristie and the girls (Emma and Katelyn) in the store periodically.  Patty is always somewhere around, either in the office, the kitchen, or at the front of the store.

We cannot thank our loyal customer base enough.  Without that support, we would not be able to brag about celebrating 16+ years in business.  We look forward to seeing you when you get the chance to stop by.  As always our motto is:  Frequent indulgences in moderation!

Our Philosophy: We recognize that first and foremost we are a member of the community of Morgan County, Georgia. As such, we believe that our first obligation is to provide our local customers with the best possible products at reasonable prices. Our focus on the community is also emphasized in how we treat our customers. Our customers are more than just our customers. They are our neighbors, friends, and family. We strive to serve them in a most courteous and friendly manner. We also strive to use only the finest and freshest ingredients in all of our hand-made confections. We believe in making many small batches so that our confections are always fresh, instead of making fewer large batches which may sit for weeks, or even months, before it is sold.

And now that we have ventured into the world wide web, we consider you one of our neighbors, friends, and family. And just like with those who visit our store, we will strive to provide you with great tasting candy, exceptional customer service, and reasonable prices. So give us a call today and order your favorite Antique Sweets treat.

Frequent Indulgences in Moderation ©

Regards from the Alligood Clan