Homemade Confections

Give our signature Bulldog Bites, Southern Pralines, Divinity, Gator Tails or Stingers to your favorite friends and family or get a box for yourself. We also have a great selection of almond bark, fruit cups, dipped caramels, dipped cookies and much more to include with your gift, see below for other items available.

Medium gift box – approx 8 oz $14.75
Large gift box – approx 16 oz $27.00
Everyday box with bow prices vary depending on selection

A great gift for the holiday is our SAMPLER BOX. Packaged in our white everyday or red Merry Christmas box, it is filled with Bulldog Bites, Pralines, Divinity and fudge (your choice of flavor), then tied with a holiday bow. Small and medium in white everyday box only.

Small – ½ lb box $ 9.25
Medium – 1 lb box $18.25
Large – 1½ lb box $27.25

Sold by the pound out of the cabinet: $24.75/lb, no minimums

Bulldog Bites

Homemade caramel drizzled over fresh pecans and covered with a thin layer of chocolate.

Gator Tails

Homemade caramel packed with salted peanuts and dipped in chocolate.

Wrapped Caramels

Homemade caramels cut into cubes and wrapped in wax paper.


Brown sugar, cream, butter, and pecans combine to make this sweet treat.


Our southern praline dipped in chocolate.


A classic southern candy made with egg whites and sugar. We make two varieties. One is a plain divinity. The other has toasted pecans mixed inside.


Light and airy with just the right amount of crunch. This brittle is easy on the dental work. Choose either peanut or pecan brittle.