Signature Homemade Confections

A great gift for any occasion is our SAMPLER BOX.  Packaged in our white everyday box or a seasonal holiday box, it is filled with our Bulldog Bites, Pralines, and fudge (your choice of flavor), then tied with a seasonal bow. Be sure to ask about the currently available seasonal boxing.  The small box contains one Bulldog Bite, one Praline, and 4 oz. of your choice of fudge.  Each additional size is incrementally larger.

Small – ½ lb box $ 9.00
Medium – 1 lb box $17.75
Large – 1½ lb box $26.75

In addition to the sampler box, you can purchase any product by the piece or the pound and package it in our everyday white logo box.  We encourage you to mix it up.

Bulldog Bites

Homemade caramel poured over pecans and then topped with a layer of premium Guittard™ milk or dark chocolate.  The Bulldog Bite is our signature confection and the most popular item in our store.

This is our version of the popular Turtle™ candy, it looks different than the original Turtle™ but once you try them you will be hooked!

Price:  $3.50 each or $27.75 per pound (8 per pound)

Gator Tails

The Gator Tail is made by taking our creamy, buttery, homemade caramel and stirring in roasted and salted peanuts.  The peanuts and caramel is then cut into bars and dipped in premium Guittard™ milk chocolate.  No nougat to get in the way!

If you like the commercial Snickers™ bar you will LOVE our Gator Tail sans nougat.

Price:  $2.50 each or $27.75 per pound

Caramel - four ways

Our homemade caramel is a creamy, buttery, soft confection used to make our Bulldog Bites and Gator Tails.  In addition, we dip squares of it in premium Guittard™ milk or dark chocolate for those that want only caramel and no nuts.  To make the dipped caramels even better we also offer them sprinkled with gourmet sea salt.  Yum!

For the purists, we wrap the plain caramel pieces in wax paper.  Whichever way you try our caramel, you will certainly fall in love with it!

Price:  Dipped – approx. $1.10 each or $27.75 per pound; Wrapped-85¢ each

Pralines (the southern ones)

Ours is a very creamy version of the southern treat, made with brown sugar, cream, butter, and pecans.   We make our pralines into a smaller version (cookie size) so you can eat two or more and not feel guilty.  Once you try our pralines you will be hooked on creamy goodness, not sugary crunch….

Price:  $1.30 each or $27.75 per pound (approximately 24 to the pound)


We take our southern praline described above and dip it into premium Guittard™ milk or dark chocolate for an amazing treat.  Even if a regular praline is not your favorite, you will love the Stinger–chocolate does an amazing transformation to a plain praline.

Price: $1.75 each or $27.75 per pound


An old fashioned, classic southern candy made with egg whites, sugar and vanilla.  We offer two versions, one with the pecan on top and the other with roasted pecan pieces mixed into the divinity.

Whichever is your favorite, we can fill the order or mix it up and try both kinds.  Take a trip back in time–this treat tastes just like your Grandma’s did when she made it.

Price: 65¢ each or $16.00 per pound (approx 30 pieces to the pound)


Our customers can’t get enough of our brittle.  It is buttery, light and airy with just the right amount of crunch–NOT the break your teeth brittle you usually get.

We offer it in either traditional peanut brittle or in a special southern version with pecans.  Try it and you will be hooked.

Price:  $6.75 per 8 oz. bag


Creamy is the word of the day for our fudge.  We make all our cream and butter fudge in house and offer standard flavors year round as well as seasonal flavors.

We will always have chocolate fudge, chocolate pecan fudge, maple walnut fudge, chocolate walnut fudge, peanut butter fudge, and chocolate peanut butter fudge.

Seasonally, we offer many other flavors.  Be sure to ask about the current selections when you order.

Price: $16.00 per pound, cut to order, no minimum cut