Chester A. Asher Chocolates

Locate in Souderton, PA, Chester A. Asher has been making quality chocolate confections since 1892.

Product Types of Chocolate # Pcs. per Lb.
Peanut Butter Cups M, D 7
Cashew Butter Crunch M 25
Almond Toffee M 25
Cordial Cherries M, D 30
Mint Patties D 25
Orange Peel D n/a
Orange Jellies M 28
Orange Creams M 28
Raspberry Jellies D 28
Raspberry Creams D 28
Coconut Creams D 28
Lemon Peel D n/a
Small gift box (1 layer) 4 pieces $5.25
Medium gift box (1 layer) 9 pieces $9.50
Medium gift box (2 layer) 18 pieces $16.75
Large gift box (2 layer) 32 pieces $28.75

Shown: Chester A. Asher Creams and Jellies

Shown: Chester A. Asher Cashew Buttercrunch

Shown: Chester A. Asher Peanut Butter Cups